Clearing Out The Mess That’s Messing Up Your Life

We are pleased to announce that we are still around but we have changed our name and our branding! Our new image reflects additional services as well as changes to our existing services to assist you through life challenges. Check out our new look by clicking on to the link below.


We aren’t just any professional organizers — we’re the people you’ll call to help your mother, your family, yourself or your company.

We’ve helped hundreds of people, from the severest hoarder to the crazed small business owner, restore order and balance to their lives.  With 12 years of experience, no chaos or disorganization is too severe for our team.

Whether you or someone you love is suffering from chronic disorganization, hoarding, OCD, ADHD, piles of paper or just too much stuff, and you’re saying to yourself “I wish someone would help me organize!” you’ve come to the right place.

No matter how out of control your life, home or office has become, our professional organizers can help you. From dealing with eviction threats to coping with brain injury, we offer hope and a way out of the pain.

Our professional home organization expertise is completely confidential and will restore your peace of mind.

We help people with:

We treat you and your belongings with respect and care so that each decision we make during the process of un-cluttering feels right and well considered. We understand how difficult it is, how personal it feels, and how consuming disorganization can be.

As Chicago area professional organizers, we are here to free you to heal your life.

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